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Conferences & Workshops


Sept 2011 - Client detailed case study

Oct 2009 - Client case study summaries

May 2008 - Shire Pharmaceuticals

April 2008-02 - Fleet Business Show Launch

April 2008-01 - Achieve Competitive Advantage

Feb 2008 - Risk management tool fast tracks UK corporate manslaughter protection


Fleet World Award.Click here for details.

Hertfordshire Business Innovation Awards - finalist 2009

Sept 2011 - Jo'Burg, South Africa. "International Case Study - Modernising your risk management techniques"

Oct 2009 - RICS, London. "Managing H&S and Fleet risks during difficult times"

Sept 2008 - IRM, London. "Corporate Manslaughter, Transport & Logistics"

June 2008 - Las Vegas, USA."ERM Risk Profiling for Fleet Managers"

June 2008 - AIRMIC, UK."Communicating Risk"

Nov 2007 - IRM, UK."Corporate Manslaughter Act & Implications for Transport"

Oct 2007 - Dubai, UAE."Enterprise risk management strategy for MENA region"

Oct 2007 - Dubai, UAE. "Risk Profiling"

Sept 2007 - IRM Risk Forum, UK"Enterprise-wide risk profiling for specific industry sectors"

June 2007 - Orlando, USA."Enterprise risk management for the H&S professional"

June 2005 - New Oreleans, USA. "Risk managing or risk averse, the choice is yours"

Nov 2011 - ASSE Transportation Group Interview. "Fleet Risks in the UK"

July 2008 - International Fleet World - Shire Group. "Risk management on a global scale"

May 2008 - The Times (London), Fleet Solutions. "Driving Competitive Advantage"

March 2008 - IoD Director magazine. "Corporate Manslaughter - Are you at Risk?"

Oct 2007 - Strategic Risk magazine. "Enterprise-wide Fleet Risk Profiling"


Managing Business Risk - 8th Edition

Chapter 5 - Enterprise-wide risk & cost solutions for fleet, logistics & supply chain operations. Click to read.

Managing Risk - The Health & Safety Contribution.Click here to buy.

Understand how health & safety professionals can use a risk-based approach to increase their influence and added value and improve the overall management of their organisations risks.

Managing Risk - The Human Resources Contribution.Click here to buy. Click here for a review.

This widely read book explains how human resources professionals can step outside their normal approaches, and using a risk-based approach can add value to the organisation and its risk management processes, by linking to human capital management.