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Risk Frisk Profiler
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Corporate & Standards

Management & Compliance


  • Integrated risk reduction plans
  • Assesses total fleet & related risks and performance metrics
  • Identifies risks at strategic, management and operational levels
  • Risk-based content, not legal compliance focus
  • Proves active management of total risks
  • Reduces overall direct & indirect costs
  • Non-prescriptive outputs enable risk-based flexible actions
  • Internal & external benchmarking provides valuable performance comparisons
  • Risk assessment and due diligence of your supply chain
  • Save time & money by fast tracking your own multi-site and supply-chain auditing
  • Improve organisational efficiency and results
  • Identify which risks and controls need management focus
  • International application


Our system can be used by an organisation to implement and maintain a consistent set of standards across its whole operation, including a supply-chain.

It can also be adapted to meet specific organisational standards and to enhance overall organisational performance using the same 'standards'.

  • Identifies how your sites are creating risks
  • Identifies where your supply-chain is at risk
  • Identifies root causes of risk exposures
  • Identifies risk managing process improvements
  • Enables a focused risk reduction plan
  • Supports site performance goal setting and reporting
  • Tracks improvement in performance over several years
  • Compares performance site-by-site, division-by-division and country-by-country
  • Reduces cost of organisation wide auditing and reporting


Your organisation can be reassured that our process is valid and consistent with the following standards:

  • ISO 31000
  • UK - IRM Risk Management Standard
  • UK - HSG65
  • UK - 18001
  • UK - INDG 343
  • UK - FTSE4Good
  • UK - BIC
  • USA - ANSI Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Standard (Z15.1)
  • AUS - Risk Management Standard


  • Usable for multiple sites, diverse operations and different operational profiles
  • Enables multiple site auditing and action plan development
  • Raises awareness of a wide range of potential risks
  • Only assesses you against your relevant risks
  • Real time availability of completion progress and results
  • Enables completion by multiple users with expertise in each risk area
  • Tells you where to focus your limited resources to achieve maximum risk and cost reduction
  • Assesses your supply-chain