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Clients & Testimonials

Contact Details

  • Director level experience in the private and public sectors
  • UK, European and International experience
  • Track record of supporting successful, profitable and risk managing businesses
  • Undertaken corporate, management and operational reviews and audits
  • Fleet management experience, including incident management and work-related driving
  • Experience of elevating risk management to an enterprise-wide strategic level
  • Working successfully with people at all levels within an organisation
  • Design of international fleet and other risk managing systems

Process development

Our process was devised and designed by a senior level team of international risk management, fleet, insurance, health & safety and organisational development specialists, with a unique blend of strategic, management and operational skills and experience in the private and public sectors. Input was obtained from leading logistics organisations, risk and fleet managers in the UK and Internationally. Extensive testing and benchmarking was undertaken to ensure the tool produced valid, consistent and accurate outputs.

We support clients at strategic, management and operational levels within fleet and related industries, including transport, logistics, 3rd party contractors and aviation, plus many other sectors. We use a unique combination of in-house developed products and services to deliver added value to our clients.

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Case Study

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successfully delivered project.


Associate Director, EHS International – Global Pharmaceutical company

‘We selected Fleet Risk Profiler™ to support our fleet risk management programme as their process is risk-based, comprehensive, provides detailed analysis, and can be used on a worldwide scale. Detailed consideration is given to fleet risks on a global basis (incorporating UK & USA standards) rather than a “tick-the-box” legalistic approach.’The outputs, including internal and external benchmarking have been used to create a risk reduction plan for each location.

We are delighted with the results and intend to use the process at other locations, as we have not identified a better process to identify our global fleet risks.’

Head of H&S and Human Resources – UK printing and distribution company

“Fleet Risk Profiler was used very effectively to identify where we were at risk and the level of our existing controls right across our total fleet and related operations.We used the detailed outputs to create an action plan to address our most serious exposures.We will use the process again to measure our performance improvement.”

Director of H&S and Risk Management – global industrial equipment manufacturing, and extensive sales & service

“We used Fleet Risk Profiler to risk assess our total exposures, initially at a corporate level.Our new owners wanted to identify our most significant risks and current levels of control.The reports provided excellent guidance for the development of a targeted action plan to improve risk management where it could have the most beneficial effect.In subsequent years Fleet Risk Profiler will be used to show where improvements have been made, at a corporate level and country by country.”

Director of Operations – UK nationwide wholesale plumbing products company

“The management of our fleet and related operations needed to be thoroughly assessed to help us decide on our future options.We used Fleet Risk Profiler to undertake a risk assessment of our three main sites to identify overall where we were at risk, but also on a site by site basis.The results were very helpful in the decision to outsource our fleet management & related operations.”


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